Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Pro-life Thoughts

Sad and Disgusting
There was much rejoicing among pro-lifers in the DFW area when Aaron's Women's Health Center closed in June of 2008. It was the only late term abortion facility in the area. We were so glad God answered prayers and closed the doors.

Now in a sad and disgusting turn of events, another late term abortion facility has opened. An ordained Baptist minister turned Unitarian has opened an abortion facility in Dallas that will abort babies as far as 24 weeks along. You can click the link and watch Dr. Curtis Boyd admit to killing saying he prays that God will receive the unborn spirit with love. How this man can claim to know God is beyond me!

A 13th Victim
The killing of 12 people and the wounding of 30 others at Fort Hood is a sad tragedy on many counts. Amid all the death our view of life is brought out. According to LifeSiteNews, he will stand trial in military court and face the death penalty. Instead of being tried for 12 murders, it is likely that he will be tried for 13. He is being tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This set of laws has a Unborn Victims of Violence Act. One of the women Hassan killed was pregnant woman. So he should (morally and under these laws) be tried for 13 murders.

It is strange to me that we have such variation in the respect for life in this country. Abortion is OK, but if you're in the military murdering an unborn baby is murder.

I am glad that the life of this baby will be given the respect of a murder trial. I am sad that the rest of the country doesn't view the baby as a live person.

Stupak Amendment Pro-life?
Caffeinated Thoughts has a good article about the Stupak Amendment. He points out that the amendment isn't as pro-life as many believe it to be. Here are two examples he gives:
Extends funding for Planned Parenthood.
Exempts withholding food and water as part of the definition of assisted suicide or mercy killing.
You should really go read the whole thing.


A Real Conservative said...

Great article. I agree with you too - there is no way that former Baptist minister can know Christ - not if he is murdering babies.

Did you hear that several members of the Texas Conservative Coalition sent a letter to the general in charge of Hasan's trial and asked them to include a 14th murder charge? Based on Military law he can be tried even if he didn't know she was pregnant.

Oh - and Mike Brasovan, a candidate for Congress in the 12th District (running against the pro-abortion Kay Granger) is going to sign the letter too. If you know anyone in western Tarrant County or Parker or Wise County let them know about Mike - he is a great guy!

Applied Christianity said...

I wasn't aware that Kay
Granger was pro-abortion. What makes you say that?

A Real Conservative said...

Watch her on this video - very clearly states she is pro-choice - which is the "politically correct" way of saying pro-abortion.