Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pro-life Ramblings

Health Care
I don't know whether to be happy or sad that the Stupak amendment passed with the health care bill. Of course, I don't want my money spent on abortions. Yet now I fear that the Blue Dogs will have a reason to vote for this pile of bull corn. The Stupak amendment doesn't get rid of the 111 new bureaucracies. It doesn't get rid of the huge tax burden that will arise. It doesn't get rid of the giant debt this will give to our children.

40 Days for Life
The number of confirmed babies saved from abortion during this 40 Days for Life is 583. Praise God for these precious lives!

Bryan/College Station Planned Parenthood Director Changes Sides
After watching an abortion via ultrasound, the director of the Planned Parenthood in Bryan, TX had a change of heart. Abby Johnson quit her job. She even began to pray outside the PP with 40 Days for Life. Before this soul-changing experience, Ms. Johnson worked for PP for 8 years. Recently she started feeling disillusioned when her bosses started demanding more abortions because they are lucrative and these are hard economic times. Then the ultrasound video pierced her heart. Praise God for people that are willing to change and are bold enough to tell the nation why!

This cartoon from Townhall made me mad. Social issues are not kiddie issues! I will not back any candidate that is a fiscal conservative but is pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage.

This one made me sad. It shows the pain of abortion, the trampling of parental rights, and the craziness of Planned Parenthood.

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