Thursday, November 12, 2009


I enjoyed these quotes form around the web.

Tammy Drennan from Education Conversation
Here’s a discovery that would really rock our country: Government involvement in education is linked to intellectual mediocrity, moral and cultural decay, destruction of community, and loss of liberty.

Nancy Pelosi in response to "Where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?"
"Are you serious? Are you serious?" This answer was followed up by asking another reporter for a question. You should read this Walter Williams article for more on this topic.

Thomas Sowell
If politicians stopped meddling with things they don't understand, there would be a more drastic reduction in the size of government than anyone in either party advocates.

Even if this country can survive intact and unharmed after the Obama administration-- or, heaven help us, two terms of Obama-- the gullibility that led to his being elected in the first place will still be there for some other slick demagogue to come along and get the power to put the American way of life, and even our physical safety, at risk again.

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