Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama's Religion?

According to Barak Obama, he grew up Christian and was never anything else. But according to his half-brother, Malik, Barak Obama grew up Muslim. Malik even has a 1985 picture to go with the story. Then there is the WorldNetDaily article on Hindu devotees of the god Hanuman donating a full size idol to Barak Obama to match the one he carries in his pocket for good luck. Then again I suppose I shouldn't be suprised. After all, over half of the religious people in this country believe that many roads lead to God. Seriouly, where is the conviction?


Anonymous said...

The religious associations of Barak Obama are certainly troubling as are his extremely liberal voting record, his radical pro-abortion stance and strong support for the demands of the homosexual movement, his close ties and associations with radical leftist political figures such as William Ayers, an unrepentant activist in the Weatherman Underground movement, and questions about his personal ethics in the business side of his
social work among the poor of Chicago.

It is difficult to sort out the exact details of truth. But the fact that Barak has a Muslim father and a Muslim half-brother Malik seem undisputable. I have read accounts, which I cannot fully authenticate, that Malik Obama has been active in the Muslim persecution of Christians in Kenya. And that Barak is friendly with his half-brother.
The Trinity United Church of Christ congregation in Chicago which Barak Obama was a member for many years is certainly questionable in its Christian credentials. The United Church of Christ denomination, actually a predominatly white denomination, is probably the most liberal/apostate "Christian?" denomination in the United States other than the Unitarians. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barak Obama's minister for many years, was a proponent of Black Theology, a cultic racist religious philosophy.
The close ties of Rev. Wright and his church with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farakhan is also an alarming indication of Barak Obama's predilections.

The more I see and study Barak Obama's life history, associations,
beliefs and political record, the more bizarre it seems that he is the leading contender to become president of the United States.

Applied Christianity said...

Here, here to that, Anonymous.