Wednesday, July 2, 2008

King of Kings Mural

There is a very interesting art project going on in Canada called King of Kings. It is a mural mosaic where each "tile" is a painting in and of itself. The overall picture will be of Jesus. Each tile is a historical ruler. The artist is Lewis Lavoie. You should go check it out at

This is one of my favorite tiles. She is Maria Theresa of Austria. I don't know that much about her. I just liked the painting. I am looking forward to seeing King David, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and King Uzziah when they are finished.

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sarah said...

this is maria theresa of austria, first queen of the hapsburg empire from 1740-1780 a.d.she married Francis the first of spain who was holy roman emperor, to gain power. they had 16 kids-11 girls and 5 guys, and at first her subjects didnt respect her but she put laws and polocies into place to protect their rights.