Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random News from Around the Net

The modesty movement is growing among American teens. Read the story here.

The New York Times, says that Europe "lowest low" birth rate will likely be a problem economically, socially, and various other ways.

For information on the Obama sponsored global income redistribution bill, go to American Thinker. Are you ready for the UN to be in charge of where your taxes go?

Gary Bauer at Politico asks, "Can gay marriage save the GOP again?"

Brian Lilley at Mercator asks, "Who needs a family when you've got a government?"

In Sweden, a boy didn't invite all of his classmates. For this reason, his invitations were confiscated and he was reported to the Swedish Parliment for violating the other children's rights. Read the story at BBC.

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Raymond V Banner said...

I hope that the article from the Kansas City Star online, "Growing Modesty Movement" among teenagers,
becomes an established trend. The Pure Fashion Show certainly runs counter to a sensuous and debauched
age. I have always preferred to see females of all ages in lengthy,
tasteful and respectful dresses or blouses. With feminism replacing femininity and pant suits and trousers replacing dresses, much has changed. But regardless of the kind of women's clothing worn, there can still be an option between modesty, slovenliness, or sensuousness.

Raymond V Banner said...

Gary Bauer in his article on Politico, "Can Gay Marriage save the GOP Again?" reasons that the conservative backlash against the California Supreme Court decision to legalize homosexual marriages might bring enough conservative voters to the polls this autumn to enable the Republican Party to avoid a major defeat.

Whether or not Gary Bauer is correct in his analysis (and I hope he is), I see the problem as not only short term, but especially long term. The fact is that leftist, liberals and interest groups such as the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual movements control an overwhelming
number of the major institutions in society. Young people are being increasingly and steadily indoctrinated in homosexual culture and politics. If this trend is to be reversed, it is crucial that we have in this nation a long term renewal of healthy and stable moral and cultural ideals coupled with a political determination to reverse the damage that has already been sustained in our national culture.

Applied Christianity said...


I appreciate your comments especially how you point out the battle is long term.

I am also glad that you had no difficulty posting this time. :)