Sunday, July 27, 2008

News from Around the USA

Failing Even With a Cheat Sheet
Rochester students can't pass a test even when given the answers in advance. To read the story and Bruce Shortt's lively commentary on this news at OneNewsNow.

Protesting the Protesters Protesting the Prosecution of Felons
Now we move to Iowa with another OneNewsNow story.

Activists who oppose illegal immigration are staging a counter-protest today (July 27) in an Iowa town that was the site of the largest-ever roundup of illegal immigrants at a single location in the United States.

On May 11, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents descended on the eastern Iowa town of Postville and conducted an immigration raid on a plant run by Agriprocessors, Inc. Nearly 400 illegal workers were detained, most of whom came from Guatemala, but also included individuals from Mexico, Israel, and the Ukraine. But the raid created an uproar among church groups, Hispanic activists, and members of Congress who support illegal immigration, and they came to Postville to stage a huge rally to complain about how the raid disrupted the community and tore families apart.

Susan Tully is national field director with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). She points out that the illegal aliens were charged with aggravated identity theft, the unlawful use of a Social Security number, and other crimes. "They're being prosecuted for the felony they committed," Tully contends. "But not one of these members of Congress and not one of these churches is coming out and speaking about this correctly, by pointing out to the people, 'Oh yeah, by the way, they committed felonies' -- and people who commit felonies...break up their families every day of the week when they get prosecuted and sent to jail."

Is There No End to the Tainted Vegetables?
Now on to Texas, where one contaminated jalepeno is giving the other millions a bad rep. The USA Today story brought a firestorm of comments basically saying, "It's one pepper. Get over it." I guess we Texans are willing to take a stand for our jalepenos.


Raymond V Banner said...


In your two posts of today (July 27, 2008), "News from Around USA," and "Hate Crime Law Vilolates Pennsylvania Constitution," there is one theme that ties both diverse posts together: law breaking.

The story of the earlier raid of a meat packing plant in Postville, Iowa where some 400 illegal aliens were arrested on various counts of law breaking is an example of laws being broken against our national sovereignty and against the rights of legal citizens.
The story in Pennsylvania is a story of how persons who break moral and natural law (practicing homosexuals) nearly accomplished by the wrongly conceived "hate crime bill" in outlawing the free speech of Christians who believe in Biblical and natural law. For the time being, thankfully, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overruled on a technicality the hate crime bill giving special privileges to homosexuals. But the threat of these so called hate crime bills are present at every level of our society.

Most alarming is that a large segment of our society, including professing Christians, are quick to defend the law breaking against
our national sovereignty and willing to support the outrageous
special privileges of the homosexual movement even when these special homosexual privileges result in shutting down the free speech of Christians and exacting heavy legal penalties against Christians for peaceful speech and expression of opinion.

It is as though the godless totalitarinism of old atheistic communism in a different dress and setting has been let loose on those who uphold Biblical Christianity, traditional moral values and national sovereignty.

Applied Christianity said...

As usual, great comment. Thanks for reading and commenting.