Monday, July 28, 2008

Tell the GOP What You Think

The Republican Party is taking ideas for the platform. Get out there and let your conservative voice be heard. You have to sign up for an account. I plan on doing submissions once I get some ideas solidified. I will probably post them once I get a few done.
Here is what I have submitted so far under the "American Values" section.
America is participating in the greatest holocaust the world has ever seen. We are killing about 1 million of our children a year in this country. Republicans must stand for a national Right to Life Amendment. We must stand for stop gap measures like South Dakota’s law requiring abortionist to inform women of the humanity of the embryo as well as the possible emotional risks to the woman. We must give parents the right to aid minor daughters in their reproductive decisions. We must crack down on abortion clinics that do not report statutory rape.

Euthanasia, Stem Cells, ETC.
All of the rights in this country are pointless without the right to life. But the right to life does not when we exit the womb. Frozen embryos should not be destroyed for research. Adult stem cells have show great promise in the cure of many diseases. This kind of research should be encouraged. Euthanasia should not be tolerated. People with disabilities should be respected. Life is a treasured gift from God. I believe that he has given governments the right to take the life of a criminal but even that should be with caution.

Right to Gun Ownership
The disarming of a people is often a first step toward their extreme oppression and death. Gun ownership should be encouraged. Marksman ship should be applauded. Guns should only be confiscated from criminals never from law-abiding citizens. Registration of guns should be disdained.

Same-sex Marriage
Marriage should be defined as one man and one woman for life. The Marriage Amendment should be supported. Traditional marriage and families should be supported at all levels of government. Intact families benefit men, women, and especially children.

Homosexuality (or other gender identifications) should not be given special status via “hate crimes” legislation. These laws are used to attempt to silence Christians from speaking directly from the Bible or from voicing their opinions. "Hate crimes" laws violate the First Amendment by silencing speech and regulating the expression of religion.

Racial Quotas
Racial quotas do nothing but communicate to minorities that they are incapable of succeeding without "help". Life situations are never equal. The great thing about America is that even if you come from a gang infested part of an inner city you can still go on to do anything. People rise to expectations expressed about them. The main thing we can do to help many poor and or minority communities is encourage traditional families. Children need stable committed moms and dads to have the best chance of becoming contributing adults.

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MrFine said...

I think you are touching on many of the most important issues of our time. We recently launched a site to foster discussion and understanding of them called Opposing Views. I would like to see your comments on it, especially the debates on abortion and same sex marriage.