Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Opposing View From My Husband

This is an e-mail my husband sent me about the post below.

I believe that this is largely a publicity stunt to try to get some buy-in from the Republicans who have been repeatedly shafted in this years primary. The Republicans already have a WONDERFUL platform. Their platform is not the problem, it's that the crapheads who run on that platform choose not to implement it. Is there any hope that John McCain is going to implement ANY of the current "platform"? I think not.I'd say it's also a tool to get people to sign up for their email fund-raising campaigns. I for one am not interested in having anything further to do with their crappy party.

I still think it is important to get conservative views out in front of Americans. Even if no GOP person looks twice at the submissions, thousands of Americans will read them. That makes it worth it to me.


Raymond V Banner said...

As to grassroots contributions to the Republican Party Platform, I really take a view somewhere between you and your husband. Like him, I am often cynical of surveys, petitions, etc. Even organizations that I support use these often in whole or in part I think, as fundraising gimmicks.
Nevertheless I often participate in surveys and petitions. Like you,
I think it is important that we express our convictions. I took out a little time the other day to check out the Republican Party website you listed and saw that you had submitted suggestions for planks under several subjects. Your contributions were on the public record. I appreciated you making the effort. Saw also a couple of submissions to the platform by ONE MOM who had exchanged conversations on one of her blogs with you regarding the Republican platform submissions.

Wayne said...

Reminds me of the story of when a candidate came to a mans home while he was moving a refrigerator. It was half way though the door. The candidate said looks like you could use a hand.

After about 15 minutes of pushing the refrigerator was still half way though the door. The candidate said I don't think this is working, does not look like we are going to get it into the house. The man said inside, dang, I am moving it to the truck.