Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whatever Happened to Public

I have been reading through Acts and have noticed how often the church did things as a group in public. (And, for the sake of clarity, I mean open to the view of all.) Here are some of the things that the church did in the view of all.

1. Preached the Gospel. (Acts 5:42)
2. Held meetings. (Acts 5:12)
3. Confessed sins and burned sorcery scrolls (Acts 19:19)
4. Timothy is told to rebuke publicly and to read Scripture publicly. (I Tim. 5:20 and 4:13)

So my question is, what happened to this concept? I don't think that I have ever been a part of a church that did anything publicly. And often those that do are thought of as crazy zealots. We say that our services are public and they are in the sense that anyone can come. But what happened to church in full view of all?

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