Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Debates

I didn't watch the debates, but I thought I would post commentary from around the Internet.

Wickle at 1 True Believer has a good post including a link to the transcript. Both Wickle and Kevin Tracy thought that Jim Leher was the winner and did a great job as moderator.

Kevin points out that John McCain suggested a spending freeze (except on defence of course). I suppose that might be better than bailing out everybody and their dog, but somehow I think Sen. McCain hasn't really thought through that statement.

Matt at Search for Freedom has a video link and declares McCain the winner by a slim margin. (No surprise there as he is a McCain fan.)

Time on the other hand gave Obama an A- and McCain a B+. (Of course, they are big time liberals so I would have been shocked if they said McCain won.)


Anonymous said...

I am glad to be voting for the Constitution Party, that's for sure.
Certainly we will always have a flawed candidate, because we're all human.... but mylanta! The Republican and Democratic tickets make we want to vomit, cry and sleep all at the same time as opening my "third eye" wider. Pretty much they make me dizzy to think about.

Applied Christianity said...

Welcome to my blog, GDC. Thanks for reading and posting.