Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Critter Corner V. 4

It has been hot and humid recently. While that is bad enough, it gives rise to FLEAS. And I just don't like to poison the inside of our house. So I have started a regimen of diatomateous earth and vacuuming and flea combing our dogs. Ah well. I am sure to conquer or the fleas will retreat at winter.

Baby Crawdads
Mother crawdads keep their eggs under their tail until they hatch. My daughter noticed the eggs a while ago. Yesterday we found about 15 baby crawdads (about the size of a grain of rice) scooting around the tank. We moved the parents in the hopes that some of these little ones will survive.

A Fly
I am with Pres. Obama for once. My brother sent me a link to this article about Pres. Obama being in trouble with PETA for swatting a fly at the White House. (Insert eye roll here.)


OneMom said...

What is "diatomaceous earth"?

Yes, I couldn't believe that PETA was coming out against Pres. Obama killing a fly! I suppose they'd be upset with me for the mosquito I just flattened and the spider I washed down the drain earlier. My guess though is that most PETA members are also pro-aborts ... how odd is that?!

Applied Christianity said...

Yes, I thought about the pro-abort angle of PETA. To me, they are completely illogical. I am surprised that they are not against medicines that kill bacteria other organisms.

As to diatomaceous earth. . .
It is earth made of diatom exoskeletons. Diatoms are very tiny animals that have very sharp exoskeletons. The sharp points cut small insects like ants and fleas. Diatoms are non-toxic, but it is a good idea to wear a mask when distributing it because it will make you sneeze and cough. We started using it when our kids were in the everything-goes-in-the-mouth phase.

OneMom said...

Frances - My husband just said the same thing to me: "why isn't Peta against antiobiotics and anti-viral medicines?". I was impressed with the way the President took care of that fly (he doesn't impress me much with anything else).