Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Focus on the Family has an article about consistent fatherhood. I was reading it and thought, "Wow. I picked out a pretty good one for my kids." Here is the article in kind of a checklist format.

1. I often discuss things with my child.
My husband spends time almost every night talking to our kids before bed at a minimum. If he is away for work or something, he often calls them to "tuck them in".
2. My child and I often do things together.
My husband and the kids usually eat a meal out together once a week as their time. He likes to be with us as much as his job allows.
3. I teach my child skills.
He loves to teach them new things. They love being his "helpers".
4. I take an active role in my child's education.
We homeschool. At dinner he usually asks them about stuff they learned. He also is great a using "teachable moments".
5. My child and I often have fun together.
They have a great time with their daily "play time with Dad" before bed. If it is a full moon, they claim they deserve double time. We have a lot of fun as a family.

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