Monday, June 15, 2009


Thanks to Bill Clinton this month is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. I think if I were President, I would change it to Overcoming Homosexuality Month. I would probably be lynched by a mob.

Seriously, not enough people are aware that thousands overcome same sex attraction. The homosexual movement claims that trying to reorient someone is dangerous and harmful. Yet there is new study that confirms that people who want to change are benefited by counselling and can change. We are not exposed to personal stories of change like this one.

Aside from saying that homosexuality is wrong, few churches are involved in this issue that effects many. One simple step a congregation could take is becoming a Exodus Church. This puts your congregation on the Exodus International local directory. This way if there is a person struggling against same sex attraction they know your congregation is a safe place to come. Of course, you congregation has to actually be a safe place. If you would like more information on being one of these kinds of churches, you can contact Transforming Congregations at:

PO Box 7146
Pendel, PA 19047

Their website is being reconstructed or I would link to it.

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