Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day

I have heard that the colors of our flag have symbolic meaning.
White-purity (free from anything that contaminates)
Red-bravery (facing difficulty without fear)
Blue-vigilance (keenly watchful to detect danger)

I think these are excellent virtues that we could all do well to aspire to especially as Christians. Even as Americans, imagine how much better off our country would be if we held to these three ideal.

Sexual purity alone would lead to no unwed mothers, far fewer abortions, and much less disease.

Bravery might allow us to accept an economic downturn as a natural correction for some crazy housing policies instead of cowering at the feet of government and expect a bigger government to "fix it".

Vigilance would have warned us that the more powerful the government the less free we all are.

Anyway, I am taking the flag as a reminder to be more pure of thought, brave, and vigilant.

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