Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Danger on Every Side

This country is in danger on every side.

Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech
First I want to warn you that the Democrats are sneaking the hate crimes legislation in as an amendment to a tourism bill (Travel Promotion Act of 2009, SB 1023). This amendment will give all "sexual orientations" the same anti-discrimination rights as race and religion. There quite a few "sexual orientations" including homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, etc. It is also likely make it illegal for pastors, ministers, etc. to preach against or speak against these things. The vote on this tourism bill is expected to take place today. So call your Senators. UPDATE: The video is of one of the supporting Senators saying that, yes, the bill will protect pedophiles every other sexual "orientation" you can imagine.

Freedom in Health
We may soon have to all resort to finding our own health solutions like 18-year-old Jessica Terry who diagnosed herself with the help of her AP science class. President Obama is trying to stuff his health plan down our throats via the "unbiased" MSM. Single payer (read mostly socialized) medicine is a terrible idea. I am probably far more of a health freedom person than most Americans. For example, I think you should be able to get an x-ray or sonogram without going to a doctor. I also think that our current system could use some overhaul. But has the government ever done anything better than the private sector could do it?

Freedom to Parent
As far as I know, Gov. Rick Perry has not vetoed the law that would allow CPS to take people's kids for interviewing/interrogation without warning or permission from something as questionable as a unanimous call. He only has so many days before the bill becomes law without his signature. Those days may already be up. I don't really know.
UPDATE: I found out that Gov. Perry still has time to veto this bill. If you live in TX, call 512-463-2000 and ask (politely) that Gov. Perry veto this bill.

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